Peter P. Tuluk

Annual Financial Summary Report (FSR) (2021)

PART 1 - REVENUE AND SUPPORT 2020 data 2021 data 
 1. Federal government agencies $0 $Comments
 2. Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) $219,183 $Comments
 3. All other public broadcasting entities $0 $Comments
 4. State and local boards and departments of education or other state and local government or agency sources
  2020 data 2021 data
4.1 Amount on Line 4 that represents appropriations and other direct support from the licensee $0 $Comments
$0 $Comments
 5. Colleges and universities $0 $Comments
 6. Foundations and nonprofit associations $0 $Comments
 7. Business and Industry $13,600 $Comments
 8. Memberships and subscriptions (net of write-offs) $0 $Comments
 9. Net revenue from auctions and other special fund raising activities $0 $Comments
 10. Passive income (interest, dividends, royalties, etc.) $0 $Comments
  11. Other (specify)
  12 Total Direct Revenue (sum of lines 1 through 11) $232,783$Comments
Less revenue that does not qualify as NFFS:    
  13. Federal, CPB and public broadcasting revenues (sum of lines 1, 2 and 3) $219,183$Comments
  14. Other revenue on line 12 not meeting NFFS criteria (from FSR Worksheet line W19. below) $0$Comments
  15. Total Direct Nonfederal Financial Support (line 12 less lines 13 and 14) $13,600$Comments
 16a. In-kind contributions allowable as NFFS (see instructions) $0 $Comments
 16b. In-kind contributions unallowable as NFFS (see instructions) $0 $Comments
 16c. Indirect administrative support (see instructions) $0 $Comments
  16. Total in-kind revenue and indirect administrative support (lines 16a, 16b and 16c) $0$Comments
  17. Total Revenue (sum of lines 12 and 16) $232,783$Comments
PART 2 - EXPENSES 2020 data 2021 data 
18. Programming and Production $253,336$Comments
19. Broadcasting and engineering $0$Comments
20. Program Information and Promotion $0$Comments
21. Management and General $0$Comments
22. Fund Raising and Membership Development $0$Comments
23. Underwriting and Grant Solicitation $0$Comments
24. Depreciation and Amortization (if not allocated above - see instructions) $0$Comments

The total on Line 25.D is $0. Are you sure no expenses were covered by non-CPB funds?
Refer to the Financial Reporting Guidelines for more information. You can contact the Office of Grants Administration at

25. Total Operating Expenses (sum of lines 18 through 24) $253,336$Comments
 26a. Land and Buildings $0 $Comments
 26b. Equipment $0 $Comments
 26c. All Other $0 $Comments
  26. Cost of Capital Assets Purchased or Donated $0$Comments
PART 3 - NFFS EXCLUSION WORKSHEET 2020 data 2021 data 
Use the following worksheet to report revenue not meeting the criteria for inclusion as NFFS. Unless revenue meets the specific criteria defined in the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, it must be excluded from NFFS. This Worksheet is used to report revenue that must be excluded from the total amount shown on line 12 above.    
List revenue from for-profit corporations or individuals included in Part I - Total Direct Revenue (line 12), above, that is for the sale of goods and services as specified below:    
 W1. Production, taping, or other broadcast related activities $0 $Comments
 W2. Telecasting production / teleconferencing $0 $Comments
 W3. Foreign rights $0 $Comments
 W4. Rentals of membership lists $0 $Comments
 W5. Rentals of studio space, equipment, tower, parking space $0 $Comments
 W6. Leasing of SCA, VBI, ITFS channels $0 $Comments
 W7. Sale of programs or program rights for public performance $0 $Comments
 W8. Sale or rental of program transcripts or recording for other than public performance, including private use $0 $Comments
 W9. Gains or losses on sale of assets and securities transactions (reliazed or unreliazed) $0 $Comments
 W10. Sale of premiums $0 $Comments
 W11. Royalty income from licensing fees $0 $Comments
 W12. Other revenue not listed above and not includable by definition $0 $Comments
List below any revenue claimed in Part I - Revenue and Support (lines 4 through 11), above, that is represented by the following activities regardless of source:    
 W13. A wholly owned or partially owned for-profit subsidiary regardless of the nature of the business $0 $Comments
 W14. A wholly owned or partially owned nonprofit subsidiary $0 $Comments
 W15. Sale of program guides $0 $Comments
 W16. Program guide advertising attributable to that percent of total copies distributed that have been sold through normal retail outlets and/or by magazine subscription $0 $Comments
 W17. Refunds, rebates, reimbursements, and insurance proceeds $0 $Comments
  W18. Other
  W19. Total revenue not meeting criteria for inclusion as NFFS (sum of lines W1-W18) $0$Comments

Choose Reporting Model

You must choose a reporting model in order to complete Schedule FSR.

  • FASB
  • GASB REPORTING MODEL A proprietary enterprise-fund financial statements with business-type activities only
  • GASB REPORTING MODEL B public broadcasting entity-wide statements with mixed governmental and business-type activities
Reconciliation of FSR with

Audited Financial Statements Description
2020 data 2021 data 
 R1. Total support and revenue - without donor restrictions $0 $Comments
 R2. Total support and revenue - with donor restrictions $0 $Comments
 R3. Total support and revenue - other $0 $Comments
  R4. Total of R1-R3 $0$Comments
 Difference between AFS and FSR (Part 1, line 17 less line R4) $232,783 $Comments
  Is Difference equal to 0? If not, please list reconciling items (using Add below)
NFFS SUMMARY 2020 data 2021 data 
  1. Direct Revenue - Part I, line 15 $13,600$Comments
  2. In-kind Contributions - Part I, line 16a $0$Comments
  3. Indirect administrative support - Part I, line 16c $0$Comments
  4. Total NFFS (sum of Part 1, lines 15, 16a, and 16c) $13,600$Comments
Is FSR complete?
Note: Supporting documentation for all claims must be maintained at the station and may be requested by CPB. This support must be recognized in the station's audited financial statements.