About KCUK Radio

KCUK FM RADIO is and educational public radio station owned and licensed to Kashunamiut School Districe in Chevak, Alaska. KCUK FM RADIO has been on the air since 1987.

KCUK RADIO provides radio service to three communities – Chevak, Hooper Bay, and soon Scammon Bay. KCUK plans to expand its listening area to Lower Yukon and Nelson Island Villages.

KCUK RADIO provides news and information, weather reports, EAS alerts and tests, entertainment, talk shows, live broadcast of local events, high school basketball, student productions, CUP’IK/YUP’IK language, and the values and beliefs of the CUP’IK/YUP’IK way of life.

KCUK rebroadcasts select KYUK-AM RADIO programs from Bethel, Alaska.

KCUK provides these radio programs to the communities that are predominently CUP’IK/YUP’IK ESKIMO descent. KCUK broadcasts in both the native CUP’IK/YUP’IK languages and in English.


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